4 Keys To A Proper Home Evaluation!

Let us here at Eagan Realty Group, help you understand your property value.

This help is very different than an online guesstimate based only on big data in that it considers ALL 4 key factors in

determining current market value.

Those key factors are:

  • The relevant public data that relates to your specific type of property.
  • Your exact location in your neighborhood.
  • Your current exterior and interior condition.
  • The local price trends.

It’s important to understand that a price evaluation is only one step in the process and there are 7 overall factors that

will affect your outcome to include:

Price: because the wrong asking price might deter buyers!

Condition: because most sellers don’t realize that improving the property’s condition increases the value!

Staging: because setting your space the right way can be transforming!

Marketing: because making a market for a property requires a balance between mastering marketing fundamentals and being Digital Age savvy!

Communication: because lack of an open dialogue between you and your agent matters so that the correct adjustments can be made!

Negotiation: because of an agent’s lack of ability to solve the problems of challenging buyers and the cooperating

agents who represent them!

Closing: because over-looking closing details will result in broken contracts.


Therefore, I’m offering a few gifts to get you started in the right direction:

A Market Snapshot Of Competing Properties That SOLD.

(Warning:This is only a starter package, as our in-property Comparative Market Analysis includes a more thorough

financial review that considers all 4 factors mentioned above.)

Our Home Seller Guide: 7 Steps To Home Seller Success

(This is the exact process we consider when customizing a listing plan for each of our successful seller clients.)

I understand that I’ll have to help you go through these materials, so I’m including a Free, No Pressure, No Obligation Assessment, and an interpretation of your personalized report.

You can take advantage of this 3rd gift one of two ways:

  • Book an Over-The-Phone Consultation

or even better,

  • Book an In-Property Visit to allow a more accurate evaluation of your situation.

Options for booking: Direct number: (502) 649-8381, or Direct Email: chris@eaganrealtygroup.com

You can also enter your home information below to get this started.

I look forward to helping you!


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